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Picaros Solutions specializes in the areas of Data Modeling, Integration, Data Warehousing, Meta Data Management and Business Intelligence solutions.



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Outsourcing Services

We do not believe that outsourcing is a silver bullet that solves the issue of rising costs and therefore we tend not to exaggerate about it. However, we do believe it is a viable alternative in view of constrained budgets under what we call a Managed Outsourcing Paradigm. It is our submission that if outsourcing is managed actively, it will provide significant benefits. Our methodology consists of the following aspects: (the details will depend on the size of the effort to be outsourced):

  • An iterative process consisting of:
    • A small core team consisting of an architect / designer, subject matter expert, developer/tester on site;
    • A lead developer and a team of developers/testers off-shore;
    • The on-site team identifies a specific business problem, designs the core modules, and prepares the specifications;
    • The development team off-site develops the code and transfers it back to the on-site team which;
    • The on-site developer assists in building and deploying the application for the business to test;


  • Picaros Solutions will provide the interface for dealing with the off-shore development team, thereby ensuring that the process is transparent to our clients and we are aware of your time and other concerns;

At this time, we are capable of providing services in the following fields:

  • Business Process Outsourcing;

  • Software development using most of the popular development environments;

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