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Staff Augmentation Services

Our ability to identify and staff consultants for all areas of technology does not fall short as compared to any other consulting firm / staffing organization operating in the same space. We believe that staff augmentation does not need the muscle that many big consulting firms tout.

Quality of services in a staff augmentation situation is only as good as the consultant providing these services. We screen all the candidates presented to our clients to minimize the use of your time and resources in identifying and finalizing candidates. We will work diligently with you in ensuring that the resources provide the best quality of services and we will enable them to do so in any manner possible.

Picaros Solutions uses the same resources in identifying qualified and experienced consultants for providing IT services, specifically:

  • Most popular databases: SQL Server, Oracle etc;
  • Packaged applications such as SAP and Oracle Financials;
  • E-commerce and internet specific technologies: JAVA, .NET etc;
  • Database, network and systems administration;
  • Project management;
  • Quality assurance and testing;

Protecting your infrastructure, resources and facilities will be treated with paramount importance and we will carry all necessary insurances.

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